Fastener Specialty, Inc. Profile

Dear Customer

Since our first CostSaver Nut Ring came of the assembly line over 30 years ago, Fastener Specialty, Inc. has been committed to creating innovative solutions for your fastener needs. Throughout the years technology has made great strides, but our philosophy has remained simple and straightforward: to facilitate the mounting of electrical connectors and other components in confined areas of panels and bulkheads.

From our humble beginnings, we've built and expanded our standard product line, and we have provided customers with fastener solutions to meet their most demanding special application's needs. If you have used our products, you can attest to their versatility and quality. If you are not familiar with our line, you are encouraged to take a closer look. You'll see that by eliminating loose nuts and washers you'll save on installation time, and because of the non-wrenching feature, you'll be allowed closer design of connectors in a panel.

As we enter the 21st century, Fastener Specialty is standard hardware on more than 90 percent of all of the production airframes in the U.S. and a growing number in Europe. In addition to commercial and military aircraft, the captive-nut concept has been utilized in many other applications - the Hubble Telescope, the Space Shuttle and Stealth Bomber, to name a few. The only limits to it's uses are your imagination!

Our products, both standard and custom, as well as our service and quality are second to none. We have personnel and capabilities to help with the most challenging applications - large to small. Please call us for assistance, or fax us the design format provided in the back of this catalog.

 We look forward to serving you - now and in the future. Our success is mounting!

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